DV Creative is a full-service marketing organization. Your message, brand, look, feel – ultimately your success –  is of utmost importance. At the same time, we are concerned about delivery, budgets, and timeliness. We pay attention to our clients in every way.

Our goal is to fully utilize our stable of resources and provide a full menu of marketing tactics in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors.

Meet Darren:

After 16 years in the industry with large corporations to small marketing firm, founder Darren Varley followed his entrepreneurial spirit in 2011 launching DV Creative. His strengths include corporate identity, logos, direct mail, print, and web design. He comes from a place of creativity. But luckily, both sides of his brain work making owning and operating a business a welcomed challenge and source of great reward. When not devoted to the success of DV Creative and their clients, you may find him cross-country skiing, hanging at the lake with his in-laws (yes, he likes his in-laws…and they like him!), working in the yard, gardening, fishing, at a sporting event, coaching baseball, at a concert (small venue preferred), spending time with family, having friends for dinner, traveling, or talking to his dog. Yes, he’s that kind of dog person.

Meet Krista:

Thrives on an environment that is constantly changing and evolving. That’s Krista.

After years in advertising and sales in the staffing industry in businesses development and branch management, a few years as a school psychologist, sales in tech industry,  the energy of marketing lands well for her. What is she doing today? Call us. Donning many hats…Yes, literally and figuratively.

Meet Mattie:

Like the rest of the DV Creative team, Mattie wears many hats. She lets them know when the mail has arrived. More accurately, when it’s coming as she possesses an uncanny ability to know when the mail person has arrived a few doors down. Every day at 2:30, she provides entertainment by talking and playing outside Darren and Krista’s offices (particularly if she’s been short of attention that day). When either of them need a break, she’ll provide a little activity by taking them for a walk to clear their heads. Begging for attention is her greatest talent. Attention is even better than a treat. Yes, she’s that kind of dog.